You have been a true pleasure to work with and again I thank you!

I can tell you that you were an absolute God send, and I don’t say that lightly. If it were not for you, and later Steve, I am not sure I would have been able to keep it together.

You were prompt with responses no matter if during the work day, after hours, or the weekend, and you always brought a ray of hope to keep moving forward. This is over the top and something I have never experienced, and I truly am very grateful for. This has been a very distasteful and ugly matter to deal with, but you have been a true pleasure to work with and again I thank you!!


Thank you for the expertise, knowledge, and advice!

I wanted to again thank you for the expertise, knowledge, and advice you offered throughout the process of filing/settling the suit related to my mother’s case. Your guidance was invaluable during all the steps, decisions, and options that needed to be discussed and decided. I wanted to express my appreciation for all you did for our family to support us through the process.

I will highly recommend you and your firm to others and will use your services again as needed in the future.


Always take the time to answer my questions

I have owned a medical supply company for 30 years. During my career I have had my share of dealing with attorneys. Some try to impress with their knowledge(talk to much), some speak in legalese which I have trouble understanding and some I am still trying to figure out how they do their billing.
I had the pleasure of dealing with Chase for several years and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest, hard working and trustworthy legal representative
Chase and his staff always take the time to answer my questions and return either my e mails or phone calls usually in the same day
>From our first meeting he made me feel comfortable and knew he would work tirelessly for me. A few of the attributes that makes Chase standout is he understands the law, is always thoroughly prepared , takes the time to make sure you are prepared and is able to explain to you in a crystal clear manner what to expect throughout the process. You will feel confident with Chase on your side and I would have to honestly say he is probably the best attorney I have ever dealt with.


Incredibly knowledgeable

John Paradee is an incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and most intelligent attorney who is intimately familiar with the workings of the Kent County and State of Delaware governmental agencies and the authorities in charge thereof. He possesses excellent negotiating skills as well as a knack for establishing rapport with all people with whom he interfaces. He is, by nature, very calm in situations that would otherwise rattle most professionals and that is a very valuable trait. His articulation and assessment (of a situation) skills are second to none. The work he has performed for us has been expedient and his fees are reasonable. Not only do we enjoy working with John, but we would also wholeheartedly recommend him to others.

-Ian Cohen, President Knollwood Development Corp.

First Class

First and very importantly, the follow up and the team that surround John are FIRST class, so moving the smallest of all things through the firm is seamless. Secondly, when John needs to perform in public (i.e. in front of a commission), he is prepared and can present without getting him or his client into trouble. Some people say too much; some people say too little. In my experience, John says what is necessary to get the task at hand accomplished.

-Richard E. DeVincentis, Managing Member, DeVincentis Properties LLC

Real Estate Closing

As a REALTOR, and now as the Broker/Owner of Active Adults Realty, I take my responsibility to my clients very seriously. Honesty and integrity are qualities I demand of my agents and staff and anyone we associate with in our business dealings. Sometimes I have been disappointed by people with whom we have done a lot of business, but never with Heidi Gilmore.

Heidi is the best Real Estate Attorney in Delaware in my estimation and one of the best people I have come to know since living here. She and her staff are the most thorough that we have worked with. In real estate, the attorney represents the Buyer and is selected by the Buyer. On those occasions when we have had to work with another attorney, we always comment “I guess we will have to do everyone’s job!” When the attorney is Heidi, we know we don’t have to worry. The entire process and settlement will be timely and painless for the Buyer, the REALTORS and everyone involved in the transaction.

-Kathy Sperl-Bell, Broker/Owner

Most knowledgeable and effective

I have worked with John on several land-use issues in Kent County and have always found him to be one of the most knowledgeable and effective real estate attorneys in Kent County. He is a very effective speaker and advocate for his clients; he is a creative and aggressive legal strategist; he is always extremely well prepared and composed; he is prompt in responding to questions and tasks, and he has excellent support from his staff. Bottom Line: He is expensive, but worth it.

-Marc Ramos, President, Key Communities/Village Builders

Real Estate

Heidi’s team is great to work with. She is always willing to go the extra mile for each of my clients. She and her team insure the process is a smooth one from start to finish.

-Scott Dostal, New Penn Financial LLC

Most knowledgeable and effective

As a regional homebuilder based in Dover, Delaware, Stover Homes requires the experience of John Paradee on a daily basis. John’s knowledge of land-planning law and his personal relationships with the County and State level officials are the best I have ever seen in my 25-year career. John Paradee has helped my firm work out many matters with only a phone call and he always responds quickly to both my team and myself. Stover Homes and its affiliates are proud that we are represented by an attorney like John Paradee, and we look forward to working with him for many years to come.

-Gary Stover, CEO, Stover Homes