Suspect Nursing Home Abuse? Take These Steps Immediately (Part 1)

Nursing home abuse may seem uncommon, but the statistics prove otherwise: over 40% of nursing home residents in the U.S. have reported abuse. Over 90% have reported that either they or another resident have suffered from neglect in a nursing home. That being said, it’s absolutely essential to know which steps to take if you’re ever in the position where you suspect nursing home neglect. Here’s part one of our guide that will address some immediate steps to take if you suspect nursing home abuse.

Know The Signs

It can be particularly difficult for a person to recognize the signs of nursing home abuse because they present themselves in such a variety of ways. However, there are some signs that are common in nursing home abuse cases, and these include physical symptoms like bedsores and sudden weight loss. There are also emotional and even financial signs that can indicate a case of nursing home neglect or abuse, such as ongoing medication problems, erratic financial transactions, and general changes in behavior. You should also look out for how the nursing home staff accommodates your visit requests. If they ever seem unwilling to allow you to see your loved one without notice, something could be amiss.

Report Any Emergencies/Collect Info

If you discover that your loved one is in an emergency situation, call 911 immediately to ensure proper treatment. If the situation is a non-emergency, take the time to collect accurate information that supports your theory of nursing home neglect law violations. This evidence can include photos and descriptions of injuries, medical records, quotes from other nursing home residents, and more. As unlikely as it may seem, it’s possible that the injuries or signs you noticed had a different cause.

Once you gather enough evidence, you may want to consider filing an official complaint with whichever state agency is responsible for regulating nursing homes. This will ensure that an official investigation gets underway.

Ultimately, understanding these steps can help you deal with any nursing home neglect case as safely and efficiently as possible. Keep an eye out for the next post, where we’ll discuss the next essential steps to take after you suspect nursing home neglect. For more information about nursing home neglect lawyers, contact Baird Mandalas Law.