If You Suspect Nursing Home Neglect Turn to an Experienced Law Firm

Sadly, a recent study found that 13 out of 14 cases of elder abuse goes unreported. A law office that specializes in elder abuse law can help to ensure that your loved one is not one of the 13 that never reports the abuse.

Our elderly should be treasured and treated with respect. There are laws in place that protect their rights that can be used if abuse is suspected.

Signs of Neglect and Abuse

There are several signs that your loved one is in jeopardy in their nursing home including:

  • Finding your loved one often unkempt
  • A nursing home that does not encourage surprise visits
  • Unexplained bruising

If you find that your loved one is lacking basic personal care like bathing and hair brushing, this can be a sign of neglect. Mystery bruising is another sign that neglect, or abuse is occurring. Speak to your loved one and the people they encounter regularly to gather more information.

Proving Neglect Can Be Hard

Most nursing homes are good, ethical places that provide great care for the elderly. Unfortunately, there are some nursing homes that are neglectful and are only “in it” for the money.

Family members and others have reported that approaching administrators and supervisors about suspected neglect does not fix the problem. Often these suspicions are swept under the rug and ignored.

It can be difficult to navigate the situation on your own. A personal injury attorney that specializes in nursing home neglect and abuse cases can help you to prove the neglect. Nursing homes that were not willing to talk to patient’s family members often change their tune when confronted by an experienced Dover law office.

The First Step

If you suspect nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect, your first step is to document your suspicion. Keeping a journal of “incidents”, reporting the problems to the administration and speaking to people that may have witnessed the incident will ensure that you have the documentation that you need to prove abuse or neglect.

Your next step is to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer. A nursing home neglect lawyer has the experience to fight for your loved one’s rights. They know elder law inside and out and can use those laws to ensure your loved one gets the justice that they deserve.