Mountaire Ground Water Contamination & Pollution

Attention Residents of Sussex County, DE

Have you been affected by the Mountaire groundwater contamination? If so, you have rights. We have experience handling large and complex cases like this. We are working to understand the severity of the contamination and its effect on the residents of Sussex County, Delaware. This contamination has caused physical injuries, property damage and, ultimately, will require a permanent solution. There is evidence to suggest that this is not a recent problem and understanding Mountaire’s various permits, activities and all of the different aspects of the contamination are the priorities. Our firm is working with environmental engineers and hydrologists to assess the contamination, determine liability and devise a legal strategy going forward. We need your help and participation.

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We have scheduled our next Town Hall Meeting for Monday, February 12, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Millsboro Town Center, 322 Wilson Highway, MIllsboro Delaware. The purpose of this meeting is to provide updates on our investigation, the work we've done since our last Town Hall Meeting, and the next steps. Please plan to join us.

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Additional Sources

Mountaire Pollution

Mountaire offers to dig new wells for 88 Millsboro-area neighbors; some aren't appeased - The News Journal

The Sussex County chicken plant accused of polluting groundwater near Millsboro now says it will pay to dig deeper wells for 88 of its neighbors or connect them to a public water supply.

Mountaire Pollution

Millsboro-area neighbors don't trust Mountaire to clean their water - The News Journal

Phillips’ home is one of about 80 in the area that gets its drinking water from wells now identified as at risk of contamination from high levels of nitrates and other substances released by Mountaire’s poultry plant.

Mountaire Pollution

UPDATE: Mountaire cited for contaminating groundwater - Cape Gazette

State officials say Mountaire Farms’ Millsboro plant has been polluting groundwater and failing to comply with its state permit to dispose of wastewater on nearby farm fields.

Mountaire Pollution

Millsboro neighbors: How long have we been drinking tainted water? - The News Journal

Lisa McCabe never gave much thought to the poultry processing plant a little more than a mile from her home, other than holding her nose from the stench.